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Friday, 15 December 2017
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EchoLink & eQSO

Welcome to Swedens first Crosslink between eQSO and EchoLink

# 27713

These two systems is linked together to a crosslink. What you need is two soundcards.


1. Uninstall eQSO och EchoLink if they are installed.

2. Install soundcard 2

3. Install eQSO. ( In eQSO you can't choose soundcard, it uses soundcard  1  by default)

You find links to the programs at the top of this page.

4. Install EchoLink and choose soundcard 2.

5. Make the cables you need, and connect them, see picture below. 
(Ljudkort is soundcard in Swedish)

Bild pa ljudkortskoppling

6. Now to the tricky bit. Try to find the right level for both soundcards.

7. Take your time. I had to try out 3 soundcards before I had any success..

8. Again, don't rush. Don't end up like the picture below HI.

Bild pa trasig ljudkort och slagga

9. Now you need to make an PTT interface. I'm using this one, because it's simple and fits into the DSUB 9 connector.

PTT interface for eQSO och EchoLink

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