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Интернет шлюз
eQSO и EchoLink (Node No. 63420)

Coverage Map G4KQU

RF User

There are Internet Gateways up and down the UK also all over the world now on 2Mtrs, 70Cms and 6Mtrs that any licensed amateur can have access to. Many of the gateways use the eQSO software. No repeater shift is required, and no access tones are needed. The gateway operates a simple squelch system, which means any signal on the frequency will be accepted. In the future if more internet gateways become operational, and QRM becomes more of a problem, some gateways may have to resort to CTCSS tone squelch.

The gateway is very easy to use. You use it as you would any simplex frequency and call CQ and you will be surprised who might come back to you as there are gateways all over the world. Remember that there can be a delay from the station that you are working and don’t forget to wait for the pips after there over before to transmit.

Not all gateways are on 24 Hrs so check with your local gateway keeper for their operation times.

Typical frequencies

70Cms = 430.0125  to  430.0750MHz  &  434.4750  to  434.5250MHz
 2Mtrs  = 145.2875  &  145.3375MHz
 6Mtrs  = 51.910  to  51.950MHz
 4Mtrs  = 70.3875 to 4125MHz
            = 1297.9000 to 1297.9500MHz

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